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PsudoBrush Pack One

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My first Brush Pack for Clip Studio Paint. Includes the following four brushes.


  • This is a fast and loose brush with a very smooth feel, with lots of texture to give it a more appealing look. It lays color down according to "Density" so colors don't paint over each other unless more pressure is applied to the pen. This favors using only one color per layer.
  • Primarily I use this brush to create quick rough layouts. The ink behavior set to "Compare Density" means that drawing over the same spot while sketching isn't messed up.
  • The brush as it's set up, isn't for blending colors on the same layer. In fact the ink behavior discourages traditional blending.


  • This brush is primarily a coloring brush with a lightly textured circle brush shape. It blends more like a photoshop brush, with pen pressure and opacity being the primary driver to how paint is applied.
  • This is a traditional brush with a non traditional pressure curve for brush size. The brush gets tighter and more opaque as you apply more pressure. On light pressure, the brush gets wider which makes for softer blends.
  • The reverse curve feels natural to me but can make lightly adjusting colors to small areas a little less neat without using an eraser. Speaking of...
  • PsudoPainter works very well as an eraser brush. If you switch your color to transparent, erasing with this brush selected is very effective.


  • Introduced to my collection relatively recently, this brush most closely resembles a mechanical pencil with a very dark stroke. It feels like very soft graphite, but offers consistent line control.
  • While it is a "pencil" brush, this is more tuned to creating final art. Whether it's for creating lineart, or work with a colored pencil, as long as you are looking to replicate a pencil look or a sketching look, this will do the job very well.


  • I've used this brush for all my comic and illustration lineart for the past three years at least. It is a silky smooth nib with a custom tailored size curve, but at the lightest pressures its opacity tapers to produce a line that feels more natural to some users.
  • Designed in conjunction with PsudoPainter, PsudoInker is a "pen" that utilizes some of the same texture as the painting brush. This is intended to make a unified look between the two brushes, so fills could blend more naturally with the inks.
  • Because of its unique texture and opacity behavior, PsudoInker is good for people who feel most digital inking brushes are too percise. Unfortunately, the trade-off is that PsudoInker can be finicky with fills. And at certain points, it produces lineart that's not perfectly clean and is especially alias'd. And color can show through the light strokes.

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PsudoBrush Pack One

7 ratings
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